InterSystems Ensemble®


SSG Technologies is unique in that we are both a longtime user and Implementation Partner of InterSystems products. Our firsthand expertise supporting a large, complex Ensemble platform 24/7, combined with our experience providing consulting services across a diverse client base, equips us to provide innovative integration services and solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Openness and flexibility are the hallmarks of Caché’s application development features. Caché provides a powerful easy-to-use IDE for the rapid development of mobile and web applications, but with support for a variety of programming languages, it also gives you the option of using your favorite development tool.

  • Scripting languages
  • Client-side programming languages
  • XML and Web services
  • Web and mobile development
  • Securing applications

InterSystems Ensemble

InterSystems Ensemble is a premier platform for rapid integration and connectable applications. It includes the comprehensive range of technologies needed for any connectivity task, in a unified “single stack” architecture.

  • Enterprise service bus (ESB) and support for service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow
  • HL7 Messaging
  • Other Ensemble products

Fusion power for better, faster application development Ensemble is a rapid integration and development platform that combines business process management (BPM) with information management, workflow, and composite application creation capabilities. This fusion enables business analysts and developers to collaborate for faster modeling, integration, automation, execution, and monitoring of business processes, such as checking a patient into a hospital or processing a mortgage application.