What We do

If you’ve ever visited an insurance agent to get an auto, home or other type of policy, you will discover that it takes quite a bit of paper to generate your policy. Computers help agents gather information from clients, provide estimates, print out policies and store client details in a database. Whenever clients interact with the agent later, such as after an accident or home flood, the agent can access a client’s file instantly from the database, answer the client’s questions and store new information in the database. The computer eliminates the need to manage hundreds or thousands of clients using paper folders and file cabinets.

Smart, Paperless, Cost-Effective.

Adopt digital tools for a clearer understanding of customer specific requirements

Help enhance processes within the industry

Provide seamless customer experiences

Scalable IT solutions for improved operations

SSG Technologies offers the IT solutions and insurance financial services firms need to stay connected and responsive to their clients. That means our team has extensive experience and knowledge designing, implementing and managing IT systems and applications specifically for insurance companies. Whether your firm is large or small, we understand the challenges of a fluctuating business cycle, and we can help you keep pace with an evolving insurance companies.