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The Information Technology (I.T.) supported Energy Management and Control System (EMACS) represent a departure from designs historically associated with energy management systems. With the help of I.T it is possible to integrate the planning, monitoring and control of the power process and management of energy sharing between surplus and deficit regions. These EMACS inherently provides a data collection system that is useful to a variety of other users not associated with operation and dispatching.


To meet the needs of these users the EMACS includes an Operations Information system (OIS) that can support programs and displays identical to those provided to power system dispatchers. The OIS however, is intended to be used by personnel in distribution zone offices, power plant control rooms and a variety of other departments. The paper discusses the role and reasons for inclusion of the OIS for energy management as well as alternate implementations.

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  • Senior-level project managers
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The utility industry is transforming, and so are its IT needs. SSG Technologies can help your utility organization keep pace with an ever-evolving IT landscape. Whether you seek to enhance network capabilities across multiple sites, or you want to improve mobility and access for your employees and customers, SSG Technologies can help you achieve your IT goals. SSG Technologies’s team has extensive knowledge and experience designing, managing and implementing enterprise IT projects in the utility sector. We are familiar with the technologies that best support the utility business model, and we know how to tailor them to meet your organization’s specific needs