About SSG Technologies

SSG Technologies is an award-winning software development and IT consulting firm specializing in customized solutions in the field of healthcare,manufacturing,insurance,supply chain and energy sectors. Our approach to design and development is rooted in a fundamental belief that systems succeed or fail based on how well they serve the people who depend upon them. As Healthcare transforms the delivery of care to a more consumer centric model, we are helping vendors, clients, startups, and healthcare organizations meet the pivot technically and architecturally For our clients in the healthcare industry, that includes doctors, nurses, technicians, and administrative staff ... but ultimately, it means patients and their families.

The infrastructure of any industry is based as much on technical support system as it is on human resource. The expanding world of flawless machines and superior software programmers

When processes can be simplified with the help of smart applications, the use of mobile phones in today's world function not just as a device to communicate but to perform various other activities.

The trend of online shopping is also catching up all over the world. One recent example of IT failure was when online shopping site Flipkart hosted a sale in 2014 and the site crashed following heavy traffic.